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Product Description

  • Twin screw barrel

    JINZE SCREW has been specialized in producing twin screw barrel for nearly 20 years. We optimize screw structure to satisfy customers’ needs. Twin screw barrel can be categorized into parallel-twin screw barrel and conical-twin screw barrel. Conical-twin screw barrel is specialized in processing PVC products such as PVC pipe, profile, sheet or foam board and WPC products. As for parallel-twin screw barrel, it has wider application than conical one due to its longer L/D ration. It can be used in variety polymers’ extrusion such as PP, PE, PVC, ABS etc.

  • Single screw barrel

    JINZE SCREW manufactures variety kinds of single screw barrel including single screw barrel for extruders, single screw barrel for injection molding machines, and single screw barrel for blow molding machines. As the most widely used screw barrel in plastic processing, single screw barrel has the advantages like low cost, easy operation and maintenance. 

  • Bimetallic screw barrel

    JINZE SCREW offers bimetallic solutions to extend screw and barrel’s service life. Bimetallic surface coating containing tungsten carbide and other anti- abrasive and anti- corrosion metal powder help to save your production cost.

  • Conical twin screw extruder

    JINZE SCREW offers conical twin screw extruder for PVC process as well. We use best brand of spare parts such as SIMENSE motor, DELING gear box and ABB convertors. Comparing to other extruder manufacturers, our advantage is that we manufacture screw barrel by ourselves which will make extruder more flexible and easier to be operated.

  • PVC pelletizing|compounding line

    JINZE series PVC compounding line adopts conical twin screw extruder and two or three level hot cutting down stream machines. The output can be ranged from 150kg/h – 750kg/h and storing silo can be customized according to your needs. You can see our customer case in details and tell us your requirement and we will offer best solutions for you.