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PVC pelletizing|compounding line

PVC Pelletizing Line

Case study of 80/156 UPVC pelletizing line

Pelletizing extruder for customized solutions

JINZE PVC pelletizing line adopts counter-rotating twin-screw extruders with output up to

800kg/h. The screw design can be customized according to your PVC formulations. You can

get wide output range by choosing from 51/105 to 92/188 conical twin-screw extruders. A broad

variety of PVC formulations can be processed by customized screw design. We also help to offer

suitable downstream equipments such as cutting die head, cooling devices and storage silos.  

Here is a case study of 80/156 UPVC compounding extrusion pelletizing line.

1.80/156 counter-rotating conical-twin screw extruder

     A  80/156 conical twin screw and barrel

       400 kg/h screw rotation speed: 1~26r/min

       Screw barrel material: 38CrMoAlA

       Nitride and Bimetallic treatment

       Hardness after nitride: >HV900

       Nitride depth: 0.5mm-0.8mm

       Screw cooling method: Circulation through water recycling system

       Heating zone: 4 zones with total power 33kw

       Cooling fans power: 3 sets of cooling fans, 550w each fan

    B  Feeding System

       Stainless steel hopper

       0.75kw twin screw feeding system

       Controlled by ABB converter

    C  Gearbox

       Brand: DELING

       Vertical Type

       Adopting German technology, with a long lasting life, low noise and low heating

    D  Main motor system

       AC motor (SIEMENSE)

       Main motor power: 55kw, 380V, 50Hz

       Main motor convertor: ABB

    E  Electric control system

       Optimized designed electric controlling cabinet with alarm system

       Temperature controller: 

    F  Hot Cutting Pelletizing Die Head

  One set with two pieces of net plates

  Diameter of net holes: 3.8mm, 4.2mm

  Meet the demands of different pellet size

2.Three-layer wind cooling auxiliary(with vibration)

    A Silo

        Dia1050mm*2000mm (storage silo: 2Ton)


        Dia400mm*800mm (connected with vibration)

    B Pipe size: 3 pieces of stainless connecting pipeline

    C Blowers: 3 blowers

    D Vibration: Screen diameter: 1mm; 6mm

        Two cooling fans on the downside of the screen

        Vibration is designed closed and covered by stainless steel

PVC pelletizing or compounding line

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