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Three tips you should keep in mind when you source conical-twin screw barrel for PVC extruder in China

For end use of PVC processing extruder customers, product quality, extruder productivity and screw barrel service life time are all key points that they care about most. When you source extruder screw barrels in China, especially conical twin screw barrels, are you confused that there are so many suppliers and you don’t know how to compare the quality and which kind of screw design is suitable for your product?

For PVC product manufacturers, if you need to replace your conical twin screw barrel, here are three tips you should keep in mind.


The brand of your extruder

If your extrusion line is purchased from China, in order to save costs, you’d better buy screw barrels from screw barrel manufacturers directly rather than extrusion line supplier. In addition, screw barrel manufacturers are usually more professional in screw design. You only need to provide the brand name of your extruder and formulation of your material, the screw barrel manufacturer will offer a suitable screw design to you.

If your extruder supplier is from other countries such as Kraussmaffei Berstorff, in many cases, you need to offer screw barrel drawings to the manufacturer or ask for mapping service. JINZE screw will send a qualified engineer to you for mapping the dimension under certain conditions.


The service life of a screw barrel

The service life of a screw barrel is definitely the key factor when end customers source screw barrels. The quality of steel, the nitride hardness and depth are factors that affect the service life of a screw and barrel. In addition, a bimetallic screw barrel is the best choice because it has a 5-7 times longer life time than a nitride screw barrel.

As for the service life of a screw and barrel, please click here to see detailed information.


Screw design

Conical-twin Screw design is the most important point in PVC extruder processing. This is also our most significant technical “know how” during our more than 17 years operational experience. As shown in the picture below, the screw has a feeding part, mixing part, plasticizing part, venting and extruding part.

Plasticizing Part.jpg

JINZE series screw has been modified according to customers’ various PVC formulations. For example, we make the plasticizing part longer and grooved for PVC material with high percentage of calcium. This will increase the residence time of material in this part and improve homogeneity effect. Screw design can be very sensitive in PVC processing which determines the quality of the product and helps to save production costs if you choose a proper screw design. So, when you source conical twin screw barrels in China, you’d better choose manufacturers who have good experience in screw design.

You can watch our video for more detailed information about how to choose conical twin screw design.


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